A high voltage converter Viper26K from STMicroelectronics


Viper26K is a high voltage converter smartly integrating a 1050 V avalanche-rugged power section, with a PWM current mode control. The 1050 V-BV power MOSFET allows to extend input voltage range, and reduce the size of the DRAIN snubber circuit. This IC meets the most stringent energy-saving standards as it has very low consumption and operates in burst mode under light load. The integrated HV startup, sense-FET, error amplifier and oscillator with jitter allow a complete application to be designed with the minimum number of components.

The VIPer26K supports the most common SMPS topologies such as: isolated flyback with optocoupler, primary-side regulation, non-isolated flyback with resistive feedback, buck, and buck boost.

The Viper26K belongs to the ViperPlus  family. Additionally, STMicroelectronics has an extensive portfolio of other series systems.

Main features:

  • 1050 V avalanche-rugged power MOSFET
  • allowing ultra-wide VAC input range to be covered
  • Embedded HV startup and sense-FET
  • Current mode PWM controller
  • Drain current limit protection:
    • 500 mA (VIPER265K)
    • 700 mA (VIPER267K)
  • Jittered switching frequency reduces the EMI filter cost: 60 kHz ± 4kHz
  • Standby power < 30 mW at 230 VAC
  • Embedded E/A with 3.3 V reference
  • Safe auto-restart after a fault condition
  • Hysteretic thermal shutdown
  • Built-in soft-start for improved system reliability

The key to friendly prototyping is offering ready-made evaluation boards, which are in the Masters offer. In the pictures below you will find the illustrated evaluation boards:














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