ALED1262ZT – 12 channel LED driver for automotive applications

ALED1262ZT a modern 12-channel LED driver designed for use in external and internal lighting in automotive applications.

ALED1262ZT works with an output voltage of up to 19V allowing the user to connect several LEDs in series. Twelve adjustable current sources provide a constant LED current from 6mA to 60mA, and its value is determined by a single external resistor. LED brightness can be set separately for each channel by 7-bit adjustment.

The current spike is limited by switching outputs with a certain delay. The system includes a number of protections such as thermal protection, open LED detection, etc.

The system can be managed via the I2C (400kHz) bus (BDM mode) or can work as an autonomous solution (SAM mode).

The supply voltage range is from 5.5V to 38V which avoids any initial external voltage regulation.

Main features:

  • Designed for automotive applications
  • 12 DC output channels
  • 19V rated voltage of the power generator
  • Output current: from 6mA to 60mA
  • Current determined by a single external resistor
  • 7-bit brightness control (PWM)
  • Slow on / off time (EMI reduction)
  • Gradual output delay (reduction of current pulses)
  • LED Circuit Open Detection
  • Supply voltage: 5.5V to 38V
  • Thermal protection
  • Stand-alone or bus operation mode
  • Fast I2C 400 kHz interface with the option of choosing extended Hamming coding

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