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Ligitek Electronics Co. Ltd. was founded in 1989 in Taiwan. It is a leading manufacturer of LED components. The company’s products include SMD diodes, through hole displays, LED backlights, infrared diodes, phototransistors, etc. for applications in mass transport, automotive industry, photovoltaics and many others.

The company has established its position on the market with a very good quality of its components with certification: ISO14001, ISO / TS 16949 and OHSAS18001.

The company’s advantage is the ability to customize components as well as to produce LEDs for the automotive industry with AECQ certification.

ARGB (W) LED with touch function in SMD 5050 housing (5.0×5.0x1.0mm)


  • The element has a double function: touch and LED (depending on the version, it can only be one color, but also RGB and RGBW),
  • It has an internal capacitive sensor that enables touch detection from a distance of up to 2 mm from the surface of the element,
  • Housing with 6 or 8 soldering pads depending on the version: Touch (touch signal output), GND, VDD, data-in, data-out (also for LED color control), VC (capacitor).
  • Case with 8 soldering pads: Touch (touch signal output), GND, VDD_A (ARGB), VDD_T (touch IC), data-in, data-out (lines for controlling diode color), VC (capacitor) and one pad not connected.

  • The touch function can work in low power mode, then the typical current is 10.5m A @ 5V.
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted by selecting capacitance on the VC line,
  • The sensor is equipped with an auto calibration function, which prevents accidental detection.
  • The panel above the item may be made of any material except metal
  • ROHS compliant, Halogen free element.


  • Very small housing thickness (1mm)
  • The internal sensor has environmental compensation, so it can actively retune itself if there is a slow change in ambient temperature or humidity
  • Unifying two functionalities in one small housing; reduction of the required surface area on the PCB
  • ARGB (W) LEDs with touch function can be connected in series and in parallel, which minimizes the number of control lines


ARGB(W) LEDs with a touch function are used in many applications: household appliances, games, toys, computer accessories, e-sports and many others.

Housing dimensions and pin layout:

Electrical and optical parameters:


ARGBW LED in angular SMD 1204 housing (3.2×1.5×1.0mm)


  • This diode is equipped with an independent source of white color,
  • The brightness of each color is digitally set to 8 bits; 4-color combination on 32 bits,
  • Simplified implementation, there are only 4 pads: VDD, VSS, data input and data output,
  • Can be controlled in series or in parallel.

In the case of ordinary RGB LEDs, most of them face the problem of unclean diffused light at the edges of the LED housing, because the white color they generate is a mixture of RGB colors.

The main advantage of the LED ARGBW Ligitek is an independent source of white color, which completely eliminates this disadvantage and makes the lighting much cleaner and uniform. Besides, it not only enriches the color variation and enhances the vividness of the white color, but also makes it easier to mix other colors such as lime, pink and sea blue.


LED is used in applications where color changes are important, e.g. in more and more popular e-sport devices, where faster breathing or heartbeat is indicated by a color change in the device.

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