Embedded applications with displays – faster product launch


Powertip Technology Corporation is a company founded in 1991 and a leading manufacturer of small and medium-sized full-color TFT displays and monochrome displays for industrial applications. In response to market changes and shortened development schedules, Powertip introduces a series of integrated display solutions. This makes the entire design phase possible in one go, from the graphic editor to all display performance options and testing of the selected application.

Embedded applications

Nowadays, in order to meet different customer requirements, the challenge of designing embedded systems requires greater flexibility and reliability. Therefore, the separation of the design phase is the best way to reduce development and marketing time. For this reason, Powertip designed the mainboard based on ARM MPU and MCU to meet client’s embedded applications and reduce design time. The Powertip device based on the embedded platform allows the customer to focus on creating and integrating higher-level applications. If the customer needs a change or adaptation, Powertip also provides hardware and software services tailored to different requirements.

Standard embedded Powertip products include SOM TYPE-1 (MPU-based), SOM TYPE-2 and MINI (MCU-based). All SOM TYPE-1 pin determination is compatible, which means customer can design one carrier board and then choose which SOM can meet their functional requirements. Standard SOM TYPE-1 design with NXP and Rockchip MPU as i.MX8M Mini, i.MX6, PX30 and RK3288.

For different applications and functional requirements, Powertip also provides another solution for MCU, we call them SOM TYPE-2 and MINI.

Some of them support UART smart displays. This can significantly reduce development time in applications where the use of a color touch display on a variety of industrial equipment is required. With a simple interface, RS232 serial UART interface, customers could edit the displayed image first with Powertip Graphic Editor on PC and then simply transfer the image via USB or U Disk to the display.

Smart UART – display testing application

Below are the benefits of using the application for application testing:

  • Easy upgrade to a color touch display
  • Host MCU load sharing
  • Communication via the UART interface
  • A design tool for individual GUIs
  • Open source image database

Various options for the optical performance of the display.

Powertip Graphic Editor

Powertip Graphic Editor is an intelligent design tool for individual GUIs. The manual has built-in mass design components such as buttons, graphic images, fonts, circle, scroll bar, instrument tools, etc.

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