Exceptional PID and digital signage displays from AUO

AUOptronics Tartan Technology provides a variety of custom sizes and aspect ratios, breaking the limits of space for transportation, retail, gaming and casino applications.

Building on its long experience in the development and manufacture of LCD displays, AUOptronics has announced the launch of its new Tartan display technology, mainly targeting the digital signage and public display market.

The purpose of this new technology is to support its customers, whose applications are subject to harsh environments, by offering customized displays and guaranteeing optimum quality as well as long-term durability.


Tartan displays can be applied in:
Gaming / casino


Industrial-Grade Features for Harsh Environments:

  • customization of the display area ranging from 500 to 1200 mm (horizontal) and 130 to 800 mm (vertical)
  • high resolution (full HD or 4K2K)
  • a range of standard products from 28″ to 49.5″
  • 5 years longevity / 5 years product lifecycle
  • Wide choice of screen brightness: from 700 to 2500 cd/m2
  • extended temperature range (-40°C~110°C)
  • low power consumption
  • LED backlight lifetime 70K+ hours
  • 24/7 long operational hours
  • native photomask production technology quarantees high performance and durability
  • high end materials


Tartan Line-up
stretched displays
square displays
round displays


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