Fanso lithium hybrid batteries – power for IoT applications


MASTERS presents an interesting solution in the field of power systems, which are hybrid batteries. The product is designed by Fanso and consists of battery and capacitor. This set is called hybrid. The solution was created to meet the needs of powering telemetry metering devices and all other applications where high pulse current, low passivation and long lifetime span are required.


Key features

Thanks to the use of a bobbin-type cells (e.g. FANSO ER34615 or ER26500) in combination with a super cap structure (e.g. FANSO SLCL1025) we are able to maintain 3.6V voltage, 19000mAh capacity and a maximum load current of 2A.

In addition, a battery with a chemical composition Li-SOCl2 ensures the elimination of its natural passivation phenomenon by reserving the battery power inside the capacitor and immediately supplying the necessary impulse current. The whole process works even if the battery has been dormant for several months. This solution makes it possible to avoid the effect called TMV (Transitive Minimal Voltage) caused by the natural passivation in the cells.

We offer hybrids in various variants and sets: battery + capacitor. We adjust the offer to the customer’s requirements.


baterie litowe hybrydowe fanso masters

An example of lithium hybrid battery – ER14250H + SLCL1025

Basic parameters ER14250H + SLCL1025:

  • rated voltage 3.6V
  • pulse current 2A
  • 1200 mAh capacity
  • working temperature from -55 to +85 C deg.
  • self-discharge rate – 1% per year at 25 Cdeg.
  • chemical composition – Li-SOCl2


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