High-quality optoelectronics by Ligitek

Ligitek Electronics Group company was established in 1989. It is a professional manufacturer of high-quality optoelectronic semiconductors based on LEDs. Thanks to a continuous, sustainable management style with strong research and development activities focused on new technologies related to green energy, Ligitek Electronic Group offers its international customers comprehensive services for the integration of energy-saving photovoltaics of the highest quality.

The range of services covers all products related to light emitting diodes – from components to modules and even ready-to-market products, with standard supply. The products can also be customized.

With a well-balanced management style, solid strength and continuous development, Ligitek Electronics Group provides customers with the most comprehensive, professional and reliable optoelectronic services. Striving to be the best operational partner, Ligitek provides comprehensive green energy products as well as system integration services.

The company is developing towards environmental protection, energy saving and solar information integration. Supporting a strong technology platform, it focuses on innovation and creates high-quality optoelectronic products and services, being the leader of the next generation of optoelectronics industry.

Wide range of applications, such as automotive, home appliances, industrial, IT, gaming, gambling, electronic products…etc. LED components and modules needs related to computer equipment and other information and net connection vendors, infrared LED components and modules used by security control industry, curing equipment industry used UV LED components and modules, VCSEL LASER components and modules design, automotive instrumentation, LED vehicle lights, mobile phone backlight plate, the platform warning lights, traffic signals and indication lights, The field contains aviation, telecommunications, transportation, automotive electronics, LED display screen, commercial and civil lighting, urban construction illumination works.

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