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Masters is an official distributor of EFCO. The company was established in 1992, is a leading provider of embedded computer platforms with a demonstrated history of delivering solutions matched specifically to individual customer requirements. EFCO is headquartered in Taipei Taiwan, with offices in the USA, China, UK and Germany. EFCO has successfully deployed customers’ solutions into Gaming, Digital Signage, Smart Factory, Machine Vision, In-Vehicle Transportation, Health Care, Security Control and Automation.

EFCO has close partnerships with Intel® and AMD® to provide customers seamless support and time-to-market solution. EFCO is also a member of AIA, EtherCAT, and AGEM.

Product category:

Masters has close business relations with following manufacturers:

  • COMMELL, aims for the better solutions on industrial applications and provides integrated computing solutions that feature high reliability, compatibility, expansibility, performance, low power consumption and long-term support
  • GIGAIPC, established in 2018 as an independent IPC- focused spin-off from GIGABYTE, is driven by a passion for technology and agile intuition of our customer’s requirements. GIGAIPC has an exceptionally sophisticated Research & Development department, enabling us to keep up with the rapid pace of today’s technology
  • MSI, entered Embedded & Industrial market development in 2006 .MSI designs & manufacture high-quality embedded boards and systems for various applications, such as digital signage, medical electronics, ATM, POS, Kiosk, industrial automation, gaming, utility, and transportation
  • NEXCOM, founded in 1992 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. NEXCOM integrates its capabilities and operates six global businesses, which are IoT Automation Solutions (IAS), Intelligent Digital Security (IDS), Internet of Things (IoT), Intelligent Platform & Services (IPS), Mobile Computing Solutions (MCS), and Network and Communication Solutions (NCS)
  • VIA TECHNOLOGIES, is a global leader in connecting businesses to advanced AI, IoT, and computer vision technology through innovative smart solutions for transportation, industrial, smart city, and data center applications
  • JETWAY, is committed to the development, production and sales of professional industrial computer motherboards and computer peripherals. The main products are: industrial embedded boards, industrial standard systems, rack-mounted servers and industrial flat-panel computers

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