IOEC relays – small dimensions, high load capacity

In & Out Electronic Corporation (IOEC) is a professional manufacturer of relays with ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certificates. The company was founded in 1996 in Taiwan and currently has 3 production plants – two for the production of electromagnetic relays and one for the production of PhotoMOS products. Thanks to its own engineering resources and advanced technology, it designs and produces relays with a wide range of applications, constantly expanding its offer and expanding its fully automated production lines.

Dzięki szerokiemu asortymentowi, przekaźniki wytwarzane przez IOEC znajdują zastosowanie w różnych aplikacjach. W sumie dostępnych jest ponad 50 serii, w tym między innymi:

Due to the wide assortment, relays manufactured by IOEC are used in various applications. In total, more than 50 series are available, including but not limited to:

  • Automotive,
  • General,
  • Telecom,
  • Air conditioner/HVAC,
  • High current power,
  • Latching,
  • Slim,
  • Motor,
  • Industrial ,
  • Custom,
  • SSR (Solid State Relays PhotoMOS).

This list covers all applications, from the smallest mobile devices, through basic household appliances, automotive applications, photovoltaic systems, to industrial automation. These elements meet the norms, standards and safety certificates UL, CUL, TUV, VDE, CQC, CE, RoHS.

In new developments, In&Out focuses on minimizing the dimensions of the popular GE series relays. As a result, after a series of long-term research and tests, the new GEL series with a reduced height (GE Low Profile) entered production. It is also the company’s response to the reported needs of customers who increasingly face the challenges of placing tall elements on the PCBs and usually do not want to place two smaller relays instead of one to get around the height problem.

The manufacturer states that nowadays more and more questions about the product do not so much refer to electrical parameters as to mechanical ones, and more specifically about the total height of the relay used. For many of the questioners, even 1 mm of the difference is significant, because there was not enough space to use a given element in the project. The manufacturer rose to the occasion and prepared the “low profile” version.

The changes included each component of the relay, such as:

  • case,
  • base,
  • coil terminal,
  • coil,
  • iron core,
  • movable terminal,
  • yoke,
  • shinge spring,
  • card,
  • spool.

Only the contacts remained unchanged: moving contact and fixed contact have remained unchanged. The GE/GEL family is used in control devices such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), refrigerators, microwave ovens, lighting control, home/industrial automation and intelligent security systems.

Its special features are:

  • current carrying capacity 8/10 A,
  • configuration of contacts: 1 Form A (1 NO) and 1 Form C (1 changeover),
  • power consumption by a 200 mW coil,
  • distance between coil and contacts: after insulation / in the air:> 6 mm,
  • 5 kV test voltage between coil and contacts,
  • connection durability 1×105,
  • mechanical durability 1×107,
  • class F insulation,
  • available coil voltage in the range of 3~48 VDC,
  • pin version miniature standard PCB layout,
  • dimensions: (L×W×H) GE: 20.5×10.2×15.7 mm, GEL 20×10×10.6 mm, thus 5 mm lower in height than the GE series.

GEL relays have received UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certificate number E197797. IOEC can also boast a new series of PhotoMOS PMA solid state relays – PMA637 and PMA929 with high load capacity. This modern solution consists of an LED diode, a photoelement and a switching system with a MOSFET. The advantage of PhotoMOS relays is the lack of mechanical contacts, which results in a longer service life, lower operating current, higher insulation voltage, faster switching speed and low leakage current. PhotoMOS relays are widely used in many applications such as measurement, communication, safety, medical, etc.

The most important features of the PMA637 are:

  • contact configuration 1 Form A (1 NO),
  • SMD4 housing,
  • insulation voltage 3750 V / 5000 V,
  • peak rated voltage 60 V,
  • peak load current 5 A.

The most important features of the PMA929:

  • contact configuration 1 Form A (1 NO),
  • SMD6 housing,
  • insulation voltage 3750/5000 V,
  • peak operating voltage 100 V,
  • peak load current 9.5 A.

In spite of the pandemic, In&Out recently expanded the potential of its production plant in Xiamen (UL certified production) and built a new one in Taichung, which is used to produce only the new PhotoMOS series (operates in accordance with ISO 9001).


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