JFWT – X2 class polypropylene capacitors from JB Capacitors

JFWT is a series of X2 class capacitors with very low inductance, characterized by very good self-regeneration properties and high capacity stability at high temperature and humidity fluctuations. The components are designed for EMI filter for circuits requiring stability in harsh ambient conditions. The capacitors are VDE, ENEC and UL certified.

Main features:

  • X2 class, 85C/85%RH
  • Operational temperature: from -40C to +105C
  • Rated voltage: 310Vac
  • Capacitance range: 0,0047uF – 10,0uF
  • Capacity tolerance: 10% (K) standard
  • packing: loose or on tape (ammo tape)
  • certification: VDE, ENEC and UL

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