LED lamps in island autonomous lighting systems


Sustainable economic development and the changing energy reality make it necessary to reach for new solutions in the field of lighting technology. We can count among them small island lighting systems powered from renewable sources, commonly called solar lamps. In places such as playgrounds, pedestrian crossings, walking and cycling paths, stops of suburban transport, where there is no energy infrastructure based on the public electricity network or its provision is very expensive, a good solution is to use efficient light sources containing LEDs and small energy systems consisting of photovoltaic modules or hybrid systems with a small wind generator.

LED as an indispensable element of an island autonomous lighting system

Global climate change is affecting virtually every element of society and the economy of all countries. As a result, more and more countries are looking for alternative energy solutions. This also applies to lighting technology, which is not only responsible for the possibility of longer working or recreational activities after dark, but also increases safety on the streets. However, not everywhere there are conditions that ensure access to an electric power grid, which is why solar lamps – devices that in terms of energy are lighting systems powered from renewables sources – are so popular.

Where do solar lamps find their application?

There are places where, due to the specifics of their location, the creation of energy infrastructure using the public power grid may be uneconomical or even impossible.

A good example are suburban bus stops, for which a considerable distance from city centers and main communication routes makes it necessary to build expensive power lines to supply one lighting point. It is hard to deny that in such places efficient lighting will be useful, but the cost of its construction and maintenance may be too high for the local government. This is why island lighting systems powered by renewable sources are such an excellent solution.

In addition, there are many other places, such as bicycle paths on the outskirts of cities or footpaths in parks, and pedestrian crossings on every road. Playgrounds should also have good lighting and monitoring, and stand-alone solar systems are able to cover the energy needs of the necessary equipment throughout the year.

Autonomous lighting systems developed by Masters brand

The technology proposed by Masters is based on use of highly efficient light sources that contain LEDs. These systems are powered by small energy systems consisting of photovoltaic modules or hybrid systems that also include a small wind generator, which is perfect for undeveloped suburban spaces and places shaded by trees. These systems are highly autonomous, which allows them to be used without the need to build from scratch an infrastructure connected to the public grid.

Masters Research and Manufacturing Center of Photovoltaic Systems has developed solutions that can be used in autonomous power supply of various devices but mainly in autonomous light sources. It is worth mentioning that the developed solutions are currently under protection in Polish Patent Office. Customers of the company can be sure that they invest in innovative and beneficial from their point of view technologies.

What does the Perfect family contain?

In order to optimise photometric performance and achieve energy savings, we have developed devices with full autonomy throughout the year. They are able to almost completely replace the lighting supplied by the public electricity network that has been used until now. It is possible thanks to Perfect family products which are distinguished by high level of reliability and use of good quality components. Applied luminaires are characterized by above average ratio of luminous flux of LED diodes to their electric power calculated in [W].

The secret of efficiency and reliability of Perfect family devices lies in their innovative concept and modern construction. It concerns both the carrier structure, used renewable energy sources as well as applied electronic devices. Designed especially for 12 V systems photovoltaic module and wind generator in hybrid systems are able to provide adequate energy for regeneration of applied energy bank. As a result, the work of the system is stable and the appropriate energy reaches the LED lighting fixture with a power of 20-70 W.

Types of power regulators – DC/DC converters

LEDs in professional use require advanced solutions. This applies especially to lighting control. The power supply uses current sources allowing to change the value of the supply current, so there is a possibility of smooth management of the luminaire luminous flux. Commonly used in autonomous systems are power electronic devices called charge controllers, which not only convert energy, but also manage the process of charging batteries.

And this is not all their capabilities. It is worth noting that this type of devices give the possibility of managing the whole system, including the creation of LED lighting operation profiles, communication with the Internet network and other island systems.

Charge controllers from the point of view of the nature of the energy source can be a type of current source or voltage source.

From the point of view of the nature of their work they can be PWM converters or have built-in MPPT mechanism for cooperation with photovoltaic modules.

PWM controllers and MPPT algorithms

Let’s now take a closer look at hybrid systems. These contain photovoltaic modules along with a low-power wind generator. Therefore, standard power supplies will not suffice. It is recommended to use a charge controller with additional functions. It is also good practice to equip with separate devices that are designed to convert AC energy into DC energy and then store it in specially designed batteries.

For regulators, there are two options: PWM devices and devices that use MPPT algorithms. The choice between them depends on the current capacity of a given model. It should be greater than the maximum current generated by the PV modules during the battery charging process.

Island systems usually use photovoltaic panels made with c-Si technology. This means that they are able to achieve solar conversion efficiencies of up to 19-20%. In addition, their power output ranges from 300 Wp to 650 Wp depending on how many cells are installed. In practice, they are connected in parallel so that the voltage at the maximum power point of the UMPP only slightly exceeds the system voltage (12 V or 24 V). Energy banks, in turn, are based on lead-acid GEL or LiFePO4 batteries. Their capacity allows trouble-free operation for 14 hours in December. The recommended minimum autonomy time is 4 days.

What are the distinctive features of Masters solar lamps?

Investment in research and development has allowed us to develop many innovative technologies. Among them is an efficient solar lamp that outperforms the competition in several respects. Suffice it to mention that the photovoltaic modules are located vertically and are built on the north side. In addition, they have a support structure without inspection holes in the pole.

In the solar lamps, we used low-voltage, high-energy photovoltaic modules for 12 V systems. In connection with electronic circuits which allow communication between lamps and intelligent regulation of LED light intensity (depending on battery charge level) they give versatile, functional and extremely useful devices.

Using the above mentioned solutions Perfect Max Hybrid lamps will find their application for example in pedestrian crossings with intelligent WiFi communication system. The working principle of the system is as follows: the device detects the movement of a pedestrian within one side of the pedestrian crossing and then switches on the lighting on both sides of the crossing. It is such a simple design that it is almost failure-free, and most importantly – autonomous.

Industrial power supplies and inverters from a recognized manufacturer

Electric connections in Perfect Max lamps can be realized only by using high quality elements. We make sure that our products stand out in every aspect, that is why we decided to introduce to our offer technology provided by recognized Chinese producer – Mornsun.

Our offer includes DC/DC converters by Mornsun for such applications. The KC24H-700R3 converter is a constant current LED driver for high power LED lighting.
The key features of the KC24H-700R3 are:
– wide input voltage range of 6-36 VDC
– on/off control
– PWM function
– rated output current 300/350/700/1000/1200 mA
– operating temperature range -40∼+70ºC


Mornsun’s KC24H-700R3 DC/DC converter can be used in the following industries: automotive, street lighting, metering lighting, commercial lighting.

Thanks to cooperation we can offer designs that will work in any situation. Just take a closer look at the solar lamp system with voltage charge controller and simple energy management system. Photovoltaic modules are connected to the voltage type charge regulator. To it, in turn, a battery bank and a modern IGBT controller are connected. The DC/DC converter is still important, as well as the current source, LED luminaire or optional motion sensor.

So, as you can see, the Perfect Max solar lamp must be equipped with advanced systems to perform its function in the best possible way. However, this is not all we have to offer. Mornsun also supplies ICs and many other extremely important components. Among them are AC/DC converters. In total, there are over 1000 patents developed over a quarter of a century, most of which have been approved by certification agencies (including UL, CE, CSA, CB or DoE level VI). So it is hardly surprising that the Chinese brand has gained worldwide recognition.

Advantages of using island-based autonomous lighting systems

Our devices are an excellent way to provide many places without proper infrastructure with access to the necessary lighting. This is a cheap, ecological, and maintenance-free solution that will work perfectly in suburban conditions. They are innovative, and are currently the subject of a protection application in the Polish Patent Office.

However, it can also be used on traffic routes with heavy traffic. In this respect there are not many limitations. And that is why it is a great alternative to traditional lighting systems.


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