Low profile TVS in SMA Flat and SMB Flat housing

The latest generation of TVS (Transil) from STMicroelectronics allows the power dissipation of voltage in range of 600W and 1500W in SMB Flat housing and 400W and 600W in SMA Flat housing. The housings have a small height – just 1.0 mm.

The 400W and 600W SMA Flat and SMB Flat housings are fully compatible with conventional SMA and SMB housings when it comes to solder pad sizes. The leakage current is five times lower in comparison to other TVS diodes on the market and minimizes the impact on system operation and energy consumption.

New low-profile diodes from ST Microelectronics also provide a wide voltage range from 5V to 188V for applications in telecommunications equipment, power devices, drones, consumer products and automotive.

More information: http://www.st.com/tvs-flat-pr