Masters and LinksField – business partners in developing IoT applications

To expand the range of IoT solutions, Masters has started a cooperation with LinksField Networks based in Hong Kong. Linksfield is a global provider of softSIM technology compliant with GSMA standard. The softSIM solution in the form of iSIM (integrated SIM in the GSM module) posesses at the factory production stage all functionalities of traditional integrated SIM card with the IMSI number in the M2M chipset.

LinksFiled is a virtual operator (MVNO), cooperating with the largest mobile network operators (MNO) around the world and providing access to services in 190+ countries.

Using its own Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) platform, LinksField can remotely update the assigned operator profile (via OTA). To manage each iSIM, clients has at their disposal a CMP platform. The platform offers data consumption, SMS control, data consumption analysis, tariff changes, location, boosting and notifications. It can be integrated with other customer tools with the use of API.


The advantages of replacing a traditional physical SIM card by using iSIM:

  • Improving the design and production process of the M2M device by eliminating contacts, circuit paths, SIM card holders and other components related to physical SIM cards
  • It enables the creation of an ultra-compact device that would not be possible using a physical SIM card, e.g. wearables
  • Extends battery life by using advanced energy saving methods that are only achievable when the modem and SIM card use the same basic hardware
  • It enables quicker implementation of IoT applications because each module is delivered with full functionality, integrated SIM card
  • Eliminates costs related to SIM card logistics such as ordering, storage and handling

In addition to softSIM which is available for selected modules from SIMCom Co., Linksfield offers typical SIM cards (any standard with MFF2).

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