Masters and the National Institute of Telecommunications (NIT) start cooperation


We are pleased to announce that Masters Ltd. and the National Institute of Telecommunications have started cooperation in scope of Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G, technology transfer and implementing R&D projects, research. Thanks to the cooperation of the MastersResearch and Development Department with the NIT, the possibilities of developing telecom projects will be significantly expanded.

The National Institute of Telecommunications (NIT) is an independent, national research and development institution that conducts projects of significant importance for the state. For several decades it has been researching devices and developing techniques supporting telecommunications. The Institute has team of outstanding specialists in the field of radio communication, telecommunications networks, broadband networks, satellite techniques and software for telecommunications.

NIT deals with the biggest challenges of modern connectivity: 5G network (identifies the benefits and barriers to 5G implementation for selected markets and implementation environments, tests 5G networks in a pilot urban installation, supports regulation for 5G networks in Poland), electromagnetic field (SI2PEM project) and cybersecurity of networks and devices. NIT is one of the leaders of the Digital Innovation Hubs selected by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, and also carries out research and development work on single-source media research (television, radio and the Internet).

The Telecommunications Equipment Testing Laboratory of the NIT will cooperate with Masters Research and Development Department in the field of:

  • conducting research and development works (including laboratory tests) and promoting knowledge in the area of the Internet of Things and communication techniques 4G / Cat.M / Nb-IoT / 5G
  • cooperation in the field of technology transfer and implementation of research projects and commercialization of scientific research results on the science-economy line

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