Mornsun’s AC/DC family of products


Universal ENCLOSED modular power supplies of 15-600W

Is there a power system that can meet all customer specific requirements in one go? As a SMPS manufacturer, MORNSUN offers optimal solutions in the field of power supply from modules with a power from 15 W to 600 W.

MORNSUN portfolio includes a wide selection of AC/DC power supplies of the ENCLOSED series, which are characterized by a wide input voltage range, wide operating temperature and excellent EMC performance.

Thanks to very good parameters, these products are used in a wide range of industries, including in industrial automation, instrumentation, charging station, LEDs, street lighting control, electricity, smart home, medical and IoT applications. In addition to meeting the industry’s most up-to-date technology needs, MORNSUN SMPS power supplies go a step further by offering an optional protective coating that guarantees protection against moisture and airborne contaminants.

15 – 600W ENCLOSED series power supplies – applications

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Industrial automation Charging stations Electric power Smart buildings
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Medical device Enviromental protection IoT and more…

Special features of the ENCLOSED power modules

MORNSUN’s ENCLOSED series AC/DC switching power supplies have full EMC tests and protections and high efficiency.

Power modules meet IEC / EN61000-4, CISPR32 / EN55032, IEC / UL / EN62368, EN60335, GB4943 standards.

  1. Optional input range (as per picture)
  2. High Efficiency (as per picture)
  3. EMC Performance
  4. Complete Certifications
  5. Operating temperature: -30℃ to +70℃ and altitude up to 5000m
  6. Multiple Protections
    • Output short circuit, over-current, over-voltage
    • over-temperature protection
    • Conformal coating is available
  7. Reliability
    • Isolation up to 4000VAC
    • Withstand 5G vibration test
    • Low ripple & noise

Enclosed power supplies are available in two versions:

  • LM series – without PFC, power ranges from 15 to 600 W
  • LMF series – with built-in PFC, power ranges from 75 to 320 W

Both versions can optionally be a protective coating, and can be customized on request.

Medical, industry and household certified 120-350W AC/DC converter LOF series

Medicine and healthcare, industry, intelligent building design requires a reliable power supply, which creates a growing demand for compact, high-performance, reliable and cost-effective AC/DC converters.


In order to meet the demand, MORNSUN has launched the inverters of the LOF series on the market. These are compact, open-frame AC/DC converters that have medical, industrial and home certifications. Due to the compact dimensions (4″× 2″ × 1″), active PFC, high insulation voltage of 4000VAC and very low leakage current (<0.1mA), while meeting the level of 2 x MOPP, the LOF series offers high safety and reliability. These features make it the optimal solution for a variety of applications, especially in the medical and healthcare sectors.

The most popular models from the LOF series are LOF225 with dimensions of 4″x2″x1″(1.7Wcm3), LOF120 with dimensions of 3″x2″x1.2″ (1W/cm3) and LOF350 with dimensions of 5″x3″x1″(1, 4Wcm3).
Below you’ll find the exact Part Numbers of LOF series products:

  • LOF120-20B12 basic parameters: 12V / 9,5A / 114W
  • LOF120-20B24 basic parameters: 24V / 5A / 120W
  • LOF225-20B12 basic parameters: Air cooling / 12V / 11,67A / 140W
  • LOF225-20B12 basic parameters: Air cooling / 12V / 11,67A / 140W oraz 13CFM fan cooled / 12V / 18,75A / 225W
  • LOF225-20B24 basic parameters: Air cooling / 24V / 5,83A / 140W oraz 13CFM fan cooled / 24V / 9,4A / 225W

Exemplary applications

Classic applications with the use of the LOF series transducer are medical applications and for use in smart home systems. Below we present two diagrams of example applications. The first is a modern X-ray device, and the second is an intelligent smoke and fume detector.

We encourage you also to watch this short film:

Ultra Slim AC/DC DIN-RAIL power Supply 15-480W LI&LIF Series

Power supply requirements such as compact size, ease of installation, high reliability and cost-effectiveness are very critical for engineering applications with demanding space. MORNSUN’s low-cost ultra-slim 15-480W AC DC DIN-Rail power supplies LI and LIF series stand out from our SMPS portfolio to meet these expectations of our customers for size, installation, performance and cost.

Rated from 15W to 480W with outputs of 5, 12, 15, 24 and 48V, LI and LIF series can be widely used in industrial control, intelligent buildings, medical device, electric power and other industries. With the advantages of easy installation with DIN-rail TS35X7.5/35X15 mountable in ladder-shaped package or slim metal case, their compact structure is perfectly suited to address the space shortage problem. In particular, LIF series offer active PFC function, reliable power with a 150% peak load capability, high efficiency up to 94%, operating temperature of -40℃ to +70℃/-40℃ to +85℃ and meet harmonic current standards IEC/EN61000-3-2 CLASS A, which is able to ensure stable performance in different operating environments.

Flexible and convenient to use in various applications:

  • Widely used in the cabinets and chassis
  • No soldering iron required for wiring
  • Installation without drilling
  • Replaceable, easy to disassemble
  • Output voltage adjustable, compensating for line loss

Ease of installation, ultra-slim design:

  • DIN-rail TS35X7.5/35X15 mountable
  • Thickness lower to 32mm, 20% dimensions reduction
  • Layout space-saving, ideal for limited installation space

Save cost with advanced technology:

  • Optimize heat dissipation design
  • Reduce redundant design and simplify design
  • Optimized process with automated manufacturing

Reliable performance:

  • Wide input: 85-264VAC/120-370VDC
  • Efficiency up to 94%
  • Operating temperature: -40℃ to +70℃/-40℃ to +85
  • CISPR32/EN55032 Class B compliant
  • Withstand 300VAC input for 5s
  • Built-in active PFC, DC OK function (LIF series)
  • 150% peak load output for 3 seconds (LIF series)

Complete certifications:

  • Meets harmonic current standards IEC/EN61000-3-2 CLASS A
  • IEC/EN/UL62368, IEC/EN/UL60335
  • IEC/EN60079, UL61010, UL508
  • ATEX, IECEx increased safety type explosion-proof (LIF120-10BxxR2S-EX)


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