RFID – the foundation for Industry 4.0 solutions

The fourth industrial revolution is entering the factories and production plants. One of its pillars is a full automation based not only on the objects radio identification in real time, but also on the possibilities resulting from extending the RFID functionalities to measure and collect data from sensors.


The development of RFID technology resulted in creating a rich portfolio of systems that enable practical adaptation in the most crucial processes in industry. Depending on clients needs, Masters provides a wide range of layouts in three areas:

  • object identification systems
  • dynamic object identification systems
  • systems designed for RFID readers


Dynamic Tags – practical use of available solutions

When considering Industry 4.0, we pay special attention to solutions based on Dynamic Tags. In this case, apart from the standard functionality of object identification, we get the possibility of data collection and communication, e.g. to download data from sensors of the monitored object..


The above picture illustrates how works Energy Harvesting and ST25DV I2C Dynamic NFC Tag (special features: ISO15693, NFC type V, operates in temperatures from -40 to + 125C, low power consumption and Energy Harvesting function, below 1μA in standby mode).

Another interesting module from the Dynamic NFC Tag series is the ST25DV-PWM version dedicated in particular to lighting control solutions. It opens up the possibility of creating a new range of solutions addressed not only to industry but also to home automation.

To meet clients expectations, manufacturers provide not only components but also dedicated IT tools that enable prototyping. An example of such software is ST eDesignSTMicro – an application dedicated to fast and friendly antenna prototyping.

What is the best solution?

The key to friendly prototyping is to offer modules that enable testing of systems adaptive possibilities and quick verification of systems suitability. Masters Ltd. offers a wide range of such solutions. On the picture below you will find the ST25 ecosystem and examples of evaluation boards (X-NUCLEO-NFC04A1, M24SR-DISCO-PREM, X-NUCLEO-NFC02A1).

STMicro STMicro STMicro

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