NFC / RFID tags and readers from ST Microelectronics

ST25 family of products from ST Microelectronics is a broad range of NFC and RFID tags and readers for a wide use in different applications. Currently, we can find NFC/RFID technology in contactless payment systems, access control and ticketing systems. It is a convenient and always available, short-range, low power wireless link. NFC provides advancements in convenient pairing, diagnostic reading, data tracking, and parameter setting in consumer, industrial, automotive and medical applications. So let’s dig more into the topic.

What is so special in NFC?

Here are some features that distinguish NFC technology: simple touch action, NFC transactions are short – it takes only a fraction of a second, no preliminary steps needed. The use of NFC by the user is very intuitive.

In NFC, only one device needs to be powered (except for peer-to-peer mode). The ability to have inexpensive, fully passive tags is a real factor in making Internet of Everything (IoE) scenarios possible. NFC is a contactless technology that makes an NFC device identifiable by its owner.

The NFC software stack is fully integrated with the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. An advantage is that Android and iOS natively provide a range of services, making it possible for many applications to use NFC without a need to install any specific software or application.

Scope of application:

Smart things Smart home & city Smart driving Smart industry
Contactless payment
Extended user inteface
Access control
Consumer engagement
Contactless payment
Access control
Smart posters
Car access
Personalized driving experience
Engine start
Tap & navigate
Simplified diagnostics & maintenance
Firmware upgrades
Product personalization
Advanced logistics
Extended user interface


Rich possibilities of NFC technology

NFC Forum defines three types of NFC devices: universal NFC devices, reades and tags. There are also three operation modes.

Portfolio of NFC / RFID products by ST Microelectronics

ST25T NFC / RFID tags ST25D Dynamic NFC tags ST25R NFC / RFID readers
The ST25T series of NFC / RFID tags feature:

  • 13.56 MHz HF interface
  • ISO 14443 A/B, ISO 15693 and NFC Forum compliance
  • From 512-bit to 64-Kbit memory
  • Up to 32-bit counter with anti-tearing
  • Field detect output
  • OTP bytes
  • Software and eval tools
  • Antenna design tool
The ST25D series of dynamic NFC / RFID tags feature:


  • 13.56 MHz HF interface
  • ISO 14443A, ISO 15693, NFC Forum compliance
  • I2C interface
  • 2-Kbit to 64-Kbit memory
  • Energy Harvesting
  • Configurable output signal (GPO)
  • Fast Transfer Mode
  • PWM outputs
  • Software and eval tools
  • Antenna design tool
The ST25R series of HF & UHF readers feature:


  • 13.56 MHz HF
  • 840-960 MHz UHF
  • ISO 14443 A/B, ISO 15693, ISO 18092, ISO 18000, ISO 29143 FeliCa, NFC Forum, EMVCo & PBOC
  • Very High Bit Rate
  • Peer-to-peer
  • High Output power (up to 1.4W)
  • High Receiver sensitivity
  • Automatic Antenna tuning
  • Software and eval tools
  • Antenna design tool

NFC / RFID tags: ISO 14443, ISO 15693, NFC Forum compatibility

Operating in the RFID HF 13.56 MHz band, ST25 NFC tags and dynamic tags comply with ISO 14443 Type A and B, ISO 15693 and NFC Forum standards and offer a range of EEPROM memory sizes from 512-bit to 64-Kbit.

NFC Forum certified tags and dynamic tags

The ST25TV tag ICs and the ST25DV-I2C, ST25DV-PWM dual interfaces Tag ICs are NFC Forum type 5 certified. The ST25TA tag ICs are NFC Forum type 4 certified.

Certification ensures consistency of behaviour across all NFC implementations and forms the basis of interoperability.


The UHF RFID Rain ST25RU readers provide multi-protocol support for the UHF band 840-960 MHz, follow GS1’s EPC UHF Gen2 are compatible with ISO 18000-62 / 63, ISO 29143 protocols.

The latest UHF RFID RAIN Reader IC (ST25RU3993) offers optimal performances while enabling very low power design that are perfectly suited for hand handled /battery operated devices. Thanks to high level of integration it enables compact designs, with no RFID co-processor. Just an 8-bit microcontroller is sufficient to drive it. The ST25RU3993 includes a built-in VCO and power amplifier, and offers a full set of RFID features, including Dense Reader Mode (DRM) function and support for frequency hopping, low-level transmission encoding, low-level decoding, data framing and CRC control.

Key features:

  1. Supply voltage range 3.0 to 3.6 V
  • Limited operation possible down to 2.7 V
  • Maximum PA supply voltage 4.3 V
  • Peripheral I/O supply range 1.65 to 5.5 V
  1. Protocol support for:
  • ISO 18000-6C (EPC Class1 Gen2)
  • ISO 29143 (Air interface for mobile RFID)
  • ISO 18000-6A/B through direct mode
  1. DRM: 250 kHz and 320 kHz filters for M4 and M8
  2. Integrated supply regulators
  3. Frequency hopping support
  4. ASK or PR-ASK modulation
  5. Automatic I/Q selection
  6. Phase bit for tag tracking with 8-bit linear RSSI
  7. Temperature range: -40 °C to 85 °C
  8. 48-pin QFN (7x7x0.9 mm) package
  9. Single Tag read rates of up to 700 tags/s (16-bit tag EPC length)


Click on the leaflet and find out more details about ST25RU3993 UHF RAIN® RFID.









Below we present a video showing read performance demonstration of ST25RU3993-EVAL:


ST25 ecosystem: NFC / RFID development and evaluation tools

In order to facilitate the design process and minimize costs, ST offers a comprehensive range of tools for the evaluation and development of NFC / RFID solutions:

  • NFC Discovery starter kits,
  • NFC STM32 Nucleo MCU expansion cards,
  • ST25 reference software,
  • antenna design tool.

In addition to NFC systems, the ST Microelectronics offer includes a wide range of 8- and 32-bit microcontrollers. The 8-bit versions are ST’s own design, while 32-bit microcontrollers are based on ARM cores from the Cortex-M series (M0, M0 +, M3, M4, M7). Thanks to an extensive portfolio, designers are able to select MCUs very precisely and adjust them to applications needs.

W ofercie ST oprócz układów NFC znajdziemy bogatą ofertę mikrokontrolerów zarówno 8- jak i 32-bitowych. Wersje 8-bitowe to własna konstrukcja ST, natomiast mikrokontrolery 32-bitowe bazują na rdzeniach ARM z serii Cortex-M (M0, M0+, M3, M4, M7). Dzięki rozbudowanemu portfolio projektanci mają bardzo precyzyjnie dobrać MCU do swoich potrzeb.

Another group complementing the ST offer are power supply systems such as AC/DC, DC/DC converters and linear stabilizers, among others LDO. More information on the manufacturer’s website:


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