Optimized use of SiC MOSFETs in industrial applications


STMicroelectronics is among the first companies to produce high-voltage SiC MOSFETs and SiC diodes. Much lower overall power losses of SiC components enable the design more efficient, smaller and lighter systems. The portfolio of STMicroelectronics components with the use of SiC is gradually increasing. This group includes MOSFET 650 / 1200V transistors offering the industry’s highest operating temperature Tj max = 200 ° C and SiC diodes in the voltage range from 650V to 1200V. SiC MOSFETS’s have a negligible switching losses and 15% lower forward voltage (Vf) than standard diodes silicon.





What makes MOSFET SiC transistors a very special product?

  • industry’s highest operating temperature Tj max = 200°C
  • low switch-on resistance (Rds on) in the whole temperature range up to 200°C
  • extremely low power losses
  • very easy to control (what means that you need to use less components in the application)
  • high operating frequency, reduced switching losses
  • super fast and resistant built-in diode
  • also available in 4-pin version (Kelvin source)

The most important features of SiC diodes:

  • negligible switching losses
  • lower forward voltage (Vf)
  • “soft” switching, improving EMC parameters
  • integrated solutions (double diodes)
  • integrated solutions (double diodes) 175°C
  • AECQ and PPAP qualification for automotive applications
  • very high reliability and resistance
  • a wide range of housings

Review of the SiC offer from STMicroelectronics

1. MOSFET SiC Generation 1:



2. MOSFET SiC Generation 2 – plan:



3. SiC 650V diode portfolio – extend package e portfolio with Flat Package and applications:


SiC 650V diodes by STMicroelectronics figure of merit (QC x VF) in a less-than-1mm-high package.

4. SiC V diodes (from 2A to 40A):



How to control SiC MOSFETs?

Based on the advanced and innovative properties of wide bandgap materials the SiC components enable the design of more efficient, smaller and lighter systems.

STMicroelectronics silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs feature very low RDS(on) per area, with the new SCT*N65G2 650V and the SCT*N120G2 1200 V product family, combined with excellent switching performance, translating into more efficient and compact designs.

These new families feature the industry’s highest temperature rating of 200 °C for improved thermal design of power electronics systems. A new SCT*N170 1700 V product family is under development.

The SiC diodes available in the voltage range from 650 V to 1200 V feature15% lower forward voltage (Vf) than standard diodes silicon.

SiC MOSFETS’s have a negligible switching loss and 15% lower forward voltage (Vf) than standard diodes silicon.

The ST offer includes MOSFET SiC control systems. An interesting proposal is the new series of single and two-channel drivers STGAP2S / D. STGAP2S is 1-channel with 1.7kV isolation, while STGAP2D is 2-channel with 1.7kV isolation.




The most important features are:

  • current parameters: 4A
  • supply voltage up to 26V
  • CMTI> 100 V / ns
  • super fast
  • built-in isolation reduces application BOM
  • compact housing
  • version with separate ON and OFF control or with the Miller clamp option (ideal for SiC control)

More efficient prototyping
To improve the design and prototyping process, STMicroelectronics has created dedicated development tools: EVALSTGAP2SM, EVALSTGAP2DM, EVALSTGAP2SCM.

Design an application with MOSFETs and matching capacitors

As associated components in applications with MOSFETs, proven components are electrolytic capacitors from NIPPON CHEMICON. In particular, we recommend the LXS 5000h 105⁰C series and the TXH 10000h 105⁰C series.

It is also worth considering the use of foil capacitors from FARATRONIC:




Do you need more details?

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