Products of the world leader and manufacturer of batteries Fanso Technology now on in Masters offer


Masters begins cooperation with Fanso Technology – a global leader and battery manufacturer manufacturer with almost 20 years of experience. Fanso Technology specializes in 3.6V Li-SOCL2 technology.

This type of technology is widely used in IoT devices, measuring devices (home and industrial), telemetry and alarm sensors. Masters presents a range of products from Fanso Technology portfolio which are a great alternative for TADIRAN and SAFT products.


Fanso Technology batteries ER34615, ER17505, ER26500 type have gained a global reputation, thanks to their high quality and reliability. They have been used in many demanding industrial applications where the highest quality of applied solutions is put at the fore.

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We invite you to learn about the offer and to ask about individual projects on which Masters and FANSO are open to. If you need more details, please contact us via email or directly with chosen customer service department.