RF Inductors with high Q – BSPQ series


The BSPQ series is Chilisin’s new generation RF inductors based on Thin Film process.  It is developed to target at high volume applications which also require excellent RF characteristics and performances.

The BSPQ employs Opto-lithographic technology for accurate photo-etching of its internal winding.  Its winding is specially shaped to maximize its clearance from the L-shape  terminations and its helps to improve the inductor Q factor significantly to 20@500MHz.

Other benefits of the BSPQ thin film inductors include its high SRF for high frequency designs,  tight inductor tolerance for RF matching, small size for space constraint applications.

The BSPQ series is available in 0.6*0.3*0.4mm size with inductances range from 0.6nH to 22nH. It is ideal for Mobile phone, IoT, RF module, 5G communication applications

Key features

    • Technologia Thin Film
  • Optimized coil structure and L-Shape terminations
  • Higher Q >20 @ 500MHz
  • Tight Tolerance, Low RDC
  • Miniature size at 0.6 x 0.3 x 0.4 mm
  • Inductance 0.6nH-22nH


  • RF modules
  • RF matching network
  • RF filter network
  • Smart phones (5G, LTE, …)
  • IoT
Inductance  [nH] Q @ 500 [MHz] (Min) SRF [MHz] (Min) RDC [ohm] (Max) Rated current [mA] (Max)
2.2 20 9000 0.12 600
3.3 20 7000 0.17 500
5.1 20 5500 0.25 400

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