SAMWHA Electric’s Standard Low Impedance Series

RZ: Radial type, Low Impedance Standard Series

In order to meet the demand on use for diverse applications, “RZ” series from Korea’s Number 1 E-cap manufacturer Samwha Electric is a recommended one.

RZ series, as a standard series of Low Impedance products line up from Samwha Electric, is specialized in Low impedance specification at high frequency and can be used at between -55℃ ~ +105℃ for 5000 hours. (Smaller case sizes specified in below table)

Key features

Provided from 6.3 to 63 voltage and capacitance up to 15,000μF. It is an ideal solution for numerous applications. Ideally suited for use in switching power supplies, automation industry, or E-meter.

Being the series with its efficiency and high quality, RZ series from Samwha Electric can be a great solution in electrolytic capacitor market.

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