SMD high power IR LED from Ligitek


Ligitek, a well known company launches high power IR LED in popular SMD package 3.5×3.5mm. There are different option of emitting angle applied to various customized spec. With the dedicated angle of lens, the vision coverage is improved and better than other similar IR LED. There are 1W, 2W and 5W of power.

It’s mainly applied for the security and video surveillance related products, like CCTV (Closed Circuit TeleVision).

In addition, there’s an IR LED without red light emitting launched and able to use on the CCTV in hospital or baby-care camera.

The emitting angle and power:

For the propose of keeping advantage, Ligitek aimed at the original spec. to upgrade this series of LED with the 2nd lens feature.

Surely, the software and equipment to comply with the customer’s requirement and expectation are able to fulfill; by optical simulation, it will be able to assist on customers’ design and the development the tooling.

The parameters of the lens:

Below you can find a comparison of Ligitek LSA serie to regular 90 degree IR LED. Different from regular IR LED, this one is with 16:9 of vision converge. This characteristic improves this illuminating uniformity and reduces the situation of overexposed on the center of image. This advantage is able to enhance the sharpness and widen the vision coverage in the meanwhile.

The picture below is about a test in a room 9x9m. There are assembled two kinds of IR LED on CCTV. Apparently, the right one is definitely with wider vision coverage and higher sharpness than left from the picture. For your comprehension, the left side is using 2pcs of regular 90 degree IR LED, which is with round vision coverage and overexposed situation on the center of image; the right side is using 3535 LSA IR LED of Ligitek, which is with the rectangle vision coverage and better illuminating uniformity.

The dimensions of LED IR SMD 3,0×3,5 and additional lens:

Example optical and electrical parameters of LSA serie:

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