The first compact high-frequency temperature-compensated crystal oscillator


Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd. has developed the TCXO (NT1612AJA Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator) low noise crystal oscillator with the dimensions of 1.6 x 1.2 x 0.45mm, which complies with high frequency and reduces phase noise degradation, resulting in Industry’s highest level – 160 dBc / Hz at 100 kHz offset.

The rapid development of 5G and not only 5G, as well as 6G and other high-speed mobile connections, next-generation Wi-Fi and other wireless stations to be developed in the future, foresees a narrower spectrum, so there is an urgent need to promote the efficient use of radio waves. One of the solutions to this problem is the development of a technology for the effective use of radio waves in the high-frequency band.

In order to support wireless communication in the high frequency band, it is necessary to increase the frequency multiplication number generated by the reference vibration source inside the communication device. However, as the multiplication number increases, the noise component increases, which causes a deterioration in reception sensitivity or a deterioration in communication efficiency due to the deterioration of modulation accuracy (phase-to-amplitude deviation).

One remedial measure is to reduce the multiplication factor by increasing the frequency of the reference oscillator inside the device, thus maintaining and improving the radio performance. Therefore, it is anticipated that in the future, customer demand for TCXO low-phase high-frequency noise will increase from customers using 5G smartphone apps and other apps.

Last year, NDK launched a temperature-compensated compact crystal oscillator with an output power of up to 52 MHz, which has the industry’s highest phase noise characteristics. While maintaining its characteristics, it worked on increasing the frequency to 104 MHz, which is twice as high.

Recently, NDK has developed the industry’s first high-frequency, low-phase noise TCXO, using high-quality synthetic quartz crystals developed in high-quality, optimizing quartz resonator designs through photolithography processes, and reducing noise in oscillator circuits that are compatible with high frequencies.

  • Floor noise -160 dBc / Hz at 100 kHz offset
  • 110fs phase vibration at 12kHz to 20MHz

NDK plans to use this technology to gradually expand its product range to other sizes.

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