Výročí Masters – 25 let cestování v dynamickém světě elektroniky

Masters is a dynamically developing company with 100% Polish capital that sells electronic components. Its history began 25 years ago with the opening of the first office in Gdansk. Over a quarter of a century, the company has multiplied its revenues, significantly increasing its portfolio of services and made many investments in modern technologies.

It started in a small office

The beginnings of the company date back to the 90s. It all started with a small office, a few employees, great enthusiasm and a vision of development. Since then, the electronics industry has undergone a significant transformation. Today, Masters employs over 100 people, has its own production hall and several warehouses. It has seven offices located in various cities, including Warsaw, Cracow, Katowice, Rzeszów and even Prague. In addition to the standard offer, i.e. the sale of electronic components, the company expanded its services so as not to stop in the previous decade and enter the innovative 21st century. Masters provides professional technical support, advises which components to choose in terms of savings and adaptation to a given project. It also offers trainings for engineers and professional technical support.

In the history of the company, you can observe several milestones that allowed for continuous growth. One of them was certainly the construction of a modern headquarters near Gdansk. The enlarged office space made it possible to increase employment, especially of middle management. Specialized engineers have become a key component of the company, offering customers the desired technical support while working on their projects.

Another important moment for the company was building its own production hall in accordance with the clients assembly needs, supplementing the component offer. Thanks to this, the company extended its offer with another service – coordination of contract production. Masters currently offers comprehensive services for the assembly of electronic modules, mainly coordinating deliveries based on its own distribution lines. It provides full service from the moment of submitting an inquiry until the finished product is shipped to the indicated locations.

A key milestone in the history of Masters was also entering the global market and starting cooperation with international producers. The partnership with such companies as STMicroelectronics (a world leader in the production of integrated circuits and microcontrollers), Panjit, Chilisin, FANSO, or SIMCom has allowed both to expand the product portfolio and to offer real, long-term support for projects conducted by clients.

“We are aware that capital, especially at the initial stage of our clients’ operations, is a scarce resource. So we are looking together the possibilities of financing their projects, so far with high effectiveness. ” – adds Jakub Więcek, Financial Director at Masters Sp. z o.o.

Electronic components and advanced projects

The core of Masters’ activity is the sale of electronic components supplemented with additional services important from the market needs point of view. The establishment of the Research and Development Department (R&D) was a natural step on the path of development. Research and development support is an added value for our customers. The investment in modern, innovative technologies allowed to expand the company’s activity with connectivity and software.

“For several years, I have had the pleasure to create and develop from scratch the functional assumptions of a R&D in Masters. By investing in research, we decided to operate in a model that is balanced in relation to other areas of the company’s activity, based on the needs of the changing electronic market. The company’s potential is based on people for whom technology is not only a platform for professional challenges, but is primarily a passion. Our activities are related to the creation and development of support tools, in particular new prototype systems and our own project, the so-called Mini-applications. Recent years have also seen a decision to create our own offer of unique and advanced SoM modules equipped with radio modules, including 5G. “- says Jerzy Kozieł, Head of R&D at Masters Sp. zoo.

The company follows global trends intensively developing technologies such as artificial intelligence or smart home devices. Masters expanded its activity to the design area, carrying out client projects in the form of B2B2S. It assumes support for both redesign projects and projects carried out from the assumptions stage.

Knowledge transfer and photovoltaics

Masters created also a unique panel of dedicated workshops on hardware and software issues. It was built up from the need to extend the technical support for customers with the transfer of knowledge and technology. Know-how transfer allows participants to be more competitive thanks to the possibility of faster introduction of a given product to the market (time-to-market).

Apart from offering the entire spectrum of electronic components, Masters has for many years also supported pro-environmental initiatives and the development of renewable energy sources. After many years of research on photovoltaics, the company has created a separate brand called SunCurrent, which offers comprehensive services related to photovoltaics (R&D, consulting, assembly, service) as well as its own designs of devices and applications for use in photovoltaic installations.

Comprehensive services

Thanks to a wide portfolio of services, Masters is a company that occupies a high position in the electronics market in Poland. In addition, the development and investments in modern technologies allow the company to successfully follow global trends. The history of Masters shows that Polish companies can achieve success even without the support of foreign capital.

Thank you

Development and success would not be possible without our employees, both former and current. Thank you for your commitment, passion and creating a good working atmosphere, so important in the performance of daily duties.

The company could not develop without customers and business partners. Thank you for being with us and for being a very important element in the development of Masters. We believe that the next years of mutual cooperation will be equally fruitful.